Wing Nut

Wing Nuts

Wing nuts, also known as finger nuts, are a kind of nuts that can be tightened with your fingers without the need to use a squeezing device.These nuts, which have been used since the early 1980s, still maintain their place today.

Raw Material Properties

Ereğli iron steel CCR 6112 cold rolled 1,20 mm sheet material is used.

Usage Areas

They are used in electrical and electronic, white goods, automotive industry, plastic industry, furniture industry. It is generally used in electric panels, paint equipment industry.

Wing Nuts

Metric Dimensions Wing Nut Types and Names Witworth Dimensions Wing Nut Types and Names
069 M/4 Wing Nut 070 3/16 Wing Nut
071 M/5 Wing Nut 072 1/4 Wing Nut
073 M/6 Wing Nut 074 5/16 Wing Nut
075 M/8 Wing Nut 076 3/8 Wing Nut
077 M/10 Wing Nut

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