Quality Policy

Being constantly among the leading organizations in the nut manufacturing sector with its products, organization-specific solutions, customer-oriented and quality service understanding in line with professional ethics, to be involved with products and services in the foreign market, to develop strategic partnerships with leading manufacturing companies in the industry and to continuously develop by stimulating our quality management system.

Working Principles

  • Offer products that add value to customers
  • Providing customer-focused service that keeps customer satisfaction in the foreground
  • To make continuous development studies with its specialist staff and to be remembered with our quality in the field of nuts production.
  • Providing employee happiness and motivation by investing in people.
  • To increase customer loyalty by providing necessary services before and after sales.

Quality Targets

We set goals that are achievable every year to ensure that our company is constantly improving and improving. With 34 years of experience, we reach our determined targets every year with determined steps.